is built by Warren Humfield, who has been an owner of a sports store in Michigan. As one of the first group of users of hoverboard, Warren has over 15 years of experience in tweaking. With over twenty years of experience of using and helping people picking hoverboards, Warren has now established this website with his schoolmate and friend, James Kunning, who is also a hoverboard technician. They believe that they could provide more useful information like reviews and buying guides when people choosing hoverboards.

How It All Began

Warren Humfield lives in an urban house a bit far away from the city where he works. Although the owner the store, Warren prefers to start the business before 9 AM every morning. Back then, driving was the only option because riding a bicycle for commuting would be very exhausted. Then In 2001, Warren had his first experience with a hoverboard. The portability and some eye-catching factors were so attractive. That’s when he started to ride a hoverboard between his house and workplace.

After several years of using hoverboards, Warren came up with an idea of building a website to help new users to buy hoverboards because he had done a great deal of searching and researching when buying his first hoverboard. So, Warren made up his mind to build this website and called his friend, James Kunning, who provided great help on his first hoverboard purchase. James agreed with Warren and were happy to provide reviews and technical data from time to time.

That’s how comes true. Warren has also made hoverboards a part of the lives of his neighbors Recently, Warren just bought a hoverboard for his 12 yo boy and that makes him the latest family member to have a hoverboard.